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Looking To Buy Your Dream Property?

I understand that purchasing a property is one of your most important financial decisions. That is why every property purchase should be considered an investment decision when buying a house in Oregon.

I focus on finding the right investment that will give you a return in the future. With over 17+ years of experience in the real estate industry, I have extensive knowledge of the marketplace and access to many different types of properties, including residential, commercial, and business opportunities. Whether buying a house in retirement with your saved funds or being the best place to buy rental property to start your new life, I am focused on finding the best fit for my client. 

I have an in-depth understanding of all the different factors that can determine the value of a property and what the future market holds for it. I promise to listen to your needs while providing value in helping you make an educated and informed decision. Once you choose a property, I will use my expertise to negotiate the best possible price for you. I find home buyers and devise a strategy for them while simultaneously hearing and communicating on multiple offers to sell from clients to put the best buyer-seller relationship on the table. 

I guarantee to assist you every step of the way during the purchase process from inspections, escrow, financing, title, and closing.

Buy a Home in Portland with Confidence

Buying a home in Portland, Oregon, is easier than you think. All you need is to straighten out your options, whether you plan to buy a used home and renovate it accordingly or buy a bedroom house with little to no work after moving in. The financial factor is why you should consult me, who isn’t just a realtor but a resident of the Portland region as well, to have a better hand in getting you the best deals on your type of housing.

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Expert Advice to Elevate Your Investment

It’s no secret that property and real estate are one of the ways to get rich, and it’s also another way to sell it for a great deal of money. Expert advice is, especially considering the real estate values in Portland, Oregon, that it’s always better to invest in fixed assets, which is the property itself. The commercial real estate in Portland, Oregon, is beaming and up for grabs. Avail it and invest your funds today to see them grow over the next few years. 

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- Shyla Patterson

We shifted from Ontario to Portland as my husband got a job here, and we needed more real estate agents to satisfy our needs for at least a week till we lived in a hotel. We came across Teddi one day on a house tour organized by realtors, and the rest was us living our best life in Portland in the home we bought, all thanks to her.

- Jeremie Z. Mackerty

I have no words to describe the magnificent human, Teddi Schill; she not only got us our favorite 5-bedroom apartment in Portland but also got us a deal no other realtor could’ve cracked for us, I guarantee. Fantastic professional!

I'm just a call away.

Call or text to (503) 944-9913, send me an email at or leave me your contact info and I’ll be in touch.
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We are just a call away

Call or text to (503) 944-9913, send me an email at
or leave me your contact info and I’ll be in touch.

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